Carnation Crafts Christmas Celebrations Stamp Collection


These stamp sets include designs from the best selling Glow Of Christmas and Around The Tree range.

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These stamp sets include designs from the best selling Glow Of Christmas and Around The Tree range.

They work perfectly as standalone stamps or use them in conjunction with dies and co-ordinating vignettes also available on the show.

Elegantly designed from exclusively hand drawn artwork.

Highly detailed stamps are perfect to be used independently or layered up.

Create stamped backgrounds to match your design.

Use with all stamping techniques including heat embossing, shadow stamping, tone on tone or colouring with your favourite mediums.

Mix & match all designs in the collection or with products from your crafty stash to create unique and beautiful projects.

This collection contains:

  • Christmas Celebrations Stamp Set 1:
    • Tree: 18cm x 9.3cm
    • Present 1: 3.2cm x 3.2cm
    • Circular Frame: 13.1cm x 13.1cm
    • Mouse: 5cm x 4.4cm
    • Flourish: 3.1cm x 1.9cm
    • Fox 9.6cm x 8.1cm
    • Present 2: 1.1cm x 0.8cm
    • Spray: 6.5cm x 13.3cm
    • Carrots: 5.7cm x 7.8cm
    • Present 3: 1.7cm
    • Merry Christmas: 5.7cm x 10.8cm
  • Christmas Celebrations Stamp Set 2:
    • Flourish 1: 3.4cm x 2.9cm
    • Flourish 2: 3cm x 2.1cm
    • Flecks: 3.7cm x 2cm
    • Present 1: 1.7cm x 1.5cm
    • Mittens: 5.5cm x 7.6cm
    • Poinsettia Frame: 13.3cm x 18.2cm
    • Puppy: 9.8cm x 8.1cm
    • Present 2: 3.3cm x 4cm
    • Mince Pie on Plate: 3.1cm x 5cm
    • Present 3: 3.1cm x 8.5cm
    • Spray: 12.8cm x 6.7cm
    • Warm Wishes: 4.4cm x 10.3cm
    • People Toasting: 6.5cm x 9cm
  • Christmas Celebrations Stamp Set 3:
    • Village Scene: 10.3cm x 6.3cm
    • Spray of Stars 1: 4cm x 1.5cm
    • Pinecone Frame: 13cm x 13.1cm
    • Glass: 2.8cm x 4cm
    • Present 1: 2.8cm x 3.1cm
    • Star: 2.6cm x 2.5cm
    • Christmas Hugs & Kisses: 14.6cm x 7.1cm
    • Spray of Stars 2: 2.2cm x 1.4cm
    • Corner Flourish: 7.3cm x 7.5cm
    • Snowflake: 1.9cm x 1.8cm
    • Tree: 9.7cm x 4.3cm
    • Spray of Snowflakes: 3.7cm x 2.6cm
    • Santa Sleigh and Reindeer: 8.7cm x 4cm
    • Present 2: 3.9cm x 3.6cm
    • Present 3: 1.5cm x 1.4cm
    • Mouse: 4cm x 5cm
    • Reindeer: 10.7cm x 7.1cm
  • Christmas Celebrations Stamp Set 4:
    • Ornate Diamond: 1.5cm x 3.6cm
    • Ornate Oval: 4.9cm x 13.9cm
    • Ornate Rectangle: 8.9cm x 19.9cm
    • Present 1: 2.8cm x 5.1cm
    • Present 2: 4.2cm x 2.7cm
    • Star: 2cm x 2.2cm
    • Seasons Greetings: 16cm x 6.6cm
    • Footprint 1: 2.3cm x 0.9cm
    • Footprint 2: 2cm x 1.5cm
    • Santa: 12.5cm x 6.5cm
    • Bricks: 3.5cm x 3.3cm
    • Footprint 3: 2.2cm x 0.4cm
    • Footprint 4: 2.2cm x 0.4cm
    • Mistletoe: 7.1cm x 4.1cm
    • Window: 6.9cm x 7.9cm

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