Carnation Craft Standard Angel Policy Carnation Craft (“CC”) is pleased that its customers wish to create and sell personal craftwork items incorporating our products, designs and images.

CC do not wish to inhibit creativity, but wishes not only to protect its own designs, but those of third parties, who can continue to provide a wide range of interesting and innovative designs without fear of competing with mass produced versions of the same image. CC have therefore established this standard Angel Policy for you to adhere to when using CC’s copyrighted images and designs and those of its third party suppliers (exceptions or variations may apply).

Please follow these guidelines when using CC’s designs, artwork or images for the purposes of creating items for sale: Each handcrafted item must be personally and individually made by you (i.e. not mass produced). Items and artwork are not to be sold or reproduced for large-scale commercial gain. You may sell for profit unlimited finished products (i.e. cards, craft projects etc) per design, per year. There is also no limit to handmade items sold for charity, so long as they abide by the other restrictions in this policy. Mass production, assembly line construction, production by workers for hire, or syndication of craftwork for sale is prohibited.

When selling handmade craft items, you (the seller) must make it clear that the items have been handmade or personally created by you. You may not use CC artwork, designs or images for the purpose of creating company logos, trademarks or trade names. No finished product may be used in any way that implies an endorsement of your items by, or an affiliation with, CC. Any finished products you create should NOT be used in a manner which may be considered harmful, or malign, abuse or bring CC or it suppliers into disrepute.

CC may modify this policy from time to time at the discretion of CC.

29th Aug 2019