Carnation Crafts Into Spring Collection


Spring is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, this charming collection from Carnation Crafts will have your cards singing with optimism, cuteness and positive sentiment.

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Spring is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, this charming collection from Carnation Crafts will have your cards singing with optimism, cuteness and positive sentiment.

Featuring fresh floral shoots, eye catching cardshapes and adorable characters, these designs will put a smile on recipients faces all year round.

Includes Spring Florals Collection, Spring Features Collection.

Includes incredible cut line detail to give a fabulous representation of these gorgeous designs.

Create detailed toppers for your cards with perfectly matched apertures and frames.

Create your own compositions by cutting different elements from the die sets and layering them up.

Perfect for all occasions, from birthday and get well to retirement and sympathy along with anniversary and just because!

Mix & match all designs in the collection or with products from your crafty stash to create unique and beautiful projects.

This collection contains:

  • Into Spring Card Shape Die Set:
    • Card Base: 19.4cm x 14.3cm
    • Oval 1: 0.6cm x 2.8cm
    • Oval 2: 1.1cm x 3.5cm
    • Oval 3: 1.5cm x 4cm
    • Plaque: 2.1cm x 5cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 2.7cm x 5.5cm
    • Mat Layer 2: 3.1cm x 6cm
    • Lace Panel 1: 9.8cm x 13.1cm
    • Lace Panel 1 Mat Layer 1: 10.3cm x 13.3cm
    • Lace Panel 1 Mat Layer 2: 11.1cm x 13.8cm
    • Lace Panel 2: 10.9cm x 8.1cm
    • Lace Panel 2 Mat Layer 1: 11.2cm x 8.4cm
    • Lace Panel 2 Mat Layer 2: 11.7cm x 8.9cm
    • Lace Panel 3: 6.6cm x 3.8cm
    • Lace Panel 3 Mat Layer 1: 6.9cm x 4.1cm
    • Lace Panel 3 Mat Layer 2: 7.4cm x 4.6cm
    • Hinge: 0.6cm x 2cm
    • Hinge Mat Layer 1: 1.7cm x 2.5cm
    • Hinge Mat Layer 2: 2.2cm x 3cm
    • Hinge Mat Layer 3: 2.7cm x 3.5cm
    • Hinge Mat Layer 4: 3.1cm x 4cm
  • Crocus Chorus Die Set:
    • Crocus Chorus: 18.3cm x 12.5cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 18.7cm x 12.8cm
    • Mat Layer 2: 19.2cm x 13.3cm
    • Large Flower: 3.9cm x 3.4cm
    • Medium Flower 1: 2.1cm x 2.1cm
    • Medium Flower 2: 2.2cm x 2.2cm
    • Medium Flower 3: 1.9cm x 1.9cm
    • Medium Flower 4: 2cm x 1.9cm
    • Medium Flower 5: 1.9cm x 1.9cm
    • Small Flower 1: 1.5cm x 1.7cm
    • Small Flower 2: 1.5cm x 1.6cm
  • Bluebell Delight Die Set:
    • Bluebell Delight: 17.8cm x 11.3cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 18.2cm x 11.7cm
    • Mat Layer 2: 18.6cm x 12.1cm
    • Large Bluebell 1: 1.8cm x 2.6cm
    • Large Bluebell 2: 2.6cm x 1.7cm
    • Medium Bluebell 1: 2.1cm x 1.8cm
    • Medium Bluebell 2: 2.1cm x 1.7cm
    • Bluebell 1: 2.9cm x 2.6cm
    • Bluebell 2: 2.3cm x 3.2cm
    • Bluebell 3: 3.1cm x 3.5cm
    • Bluebell 4: 3.3cm x 2.3cm
  • Daffodil Daydream Die Set:
    • Daffodil Daydream: 18cm x 11.3cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 18.3cm x 11.6cm
    • Mat Layer 2: 18.9cm x 12.1cm
    • Large Daffodil 1: 3.1cm x 3cm
    • Large Daffodil 2: 2.7cm x 2.4cm
    • Large Daffodil 3: 3.1cm x 2.8cm
    • Large Daffodil 4: 2.4cm x 2.5cm
    • Large Daffodil 5: 3cm x 2.7cm
    • Small Daffodil 1: 1.1cm x 1.2cm
    • Small Daffodil 2: 1.1cm 1.2cm
    • Small Daffodil 3: 1.1cm x 1.4cm
    • Small Daffodil 4: 1.2cm 0.9cm
  • Spring Wildlife Die Set:
    • Deer: 13.2cm x 6.3cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 13.5cm x 6.7cm
    • Mat Layer 2 (split): 14cm x 7.1cm
    • Bunny: 6.3cm x 10cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 6.6cm x 10.4cm
    • Mat Layer 2 (split): 7.1cm x 10.8cm
    • Chick 1: 6.2cm x 4.1cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 6.6cm x 4.5cm
    • Mat Layer 2 (split): 7cm x 4.9cm
    • Chick 2: 5.9cm x 4.8cm
    • Mat Layer 1: 6.2cm x 52m
    • Mat Layer 2 (split): 6.7cm x 5.6cm
  • Spring Shower Die Set:
    • Spring Shower: 6.8cm x 6.1cm
    • Mat Layer: 7.1cm x 6.5cm
  • Fresh Shoots Die Set:
    • Fresh Shoots: 3.4cm x 11.4cm
    • Mat Layer: 3.7cm 11.8cm
  • Polished Pebbles Die Set:
    • Polished Pebbles: 3cm x 8.6cm
    • Mat Layer: 3.3cm x 9cm
    • Large Pebble: 1.2cm x 3.8cm
    • Small Pebble: 1cm x 1.7cm
  • Passing Clouds Die Set:
    • Passing Clouds: 3.8cm x 11.4cm
    • Mat Layer: 4.2cm x 11.8cm
  • First Flight Die Set:
    • Large Butterfly: 5cm x 5.7cm
    • Mat Layer: 5.3cm x 6.1cm
    • Medium Butterfly: 4.3cm x 5cm
    • Mat Layer: 4.6cm 5.3cm
  • Drop Of Flora Die Set:
    • Daffodil: 4.9cm x 4.8cm
    • Crocus: 4.5cm x 4.8cm
    • Daffodil Decoupage: 3.5cm x 3.7cm
    • Crocus Decoupage: 3.4cm 1.9cm
    • Droplet: 2.1cm 4.1cm

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